[PH][Drabbles Challenge]Knighthood


1.the rank or dignity of a knight: to confer knighthood upon him.
2.the profession or vocation of a knight.
3.knightly character or qualities.
4.the body of knights.

Knighthood ==== Pandora Hearts

“You like this story, the “Holy Knight”?”

“Yes, very much”

“What do you think about the servant of the holy knight?”

“Edgar? I like him the most”

“I hate that guy the most”

Edgar, knight, servant of the Holy Knight, died in the process of protecting his master. Elliot slammed his volume of “Holy Knight” shut, resulted in a loud sound that made Leo quirked his eyes in annoyance, but he resumed reading anyway. When Elliot was angry of something, let him deal with it himself.

“Sacrificing yourself and then wishing your loved one to have happiness, isn’t it selfish and stupid?” Elliot thought angrily “Throwing yourself away without considering other’s opinion, is that even considered as a knight’s quality?”

Like many kids that read the series, Elliot liked the character, well, used to like Edgar a lot. “But why, why did he do that? He should be trying to figure out the way to protect both his master and himself? Why?”

Why do people keep hurting themselves and their loved ones like this, why should they keep on carrying this heavy burden?

Like that Oz boy.

Why not let it go?

Elliot didn’t know, and he wouldn’t bother himself overthinking. He would just continue to live by his own philosophies, be the ideal knight he always dreamed about. With this jet black sword, he would protect himself and his friends, his families from harm, ensure their happiness and keep away the sorrow.

This knighthood of his, Elliot found no false.

Or so he thought…


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