[PH][Drabbles challenge]Yearning


1.deep longing, especially when accompanied by tenderness or sadness
2.an instance of such longing.
1.to have a strong desire, long

Yearning ==== Pandora Hearts

“In the end, what exactly do you yearn for?”

Oz Vessalius was a happy child; he was the heir of the Duke house Vessalius, lived his life in comfort and luxury. He had a cute, cuddling younger sister, a humorous, loving uncle that posed as his parents. His best friend, his loyal servant. was always at his side no matter what happened. He had access to everything that he liked, yet he found himself yearning, for what he did not even know.

Oz knew what he wanted. He wanted to protect his family, he wanted to help Alice recoverd her memory, he wanted to befriend Elliot Nightray and Leo, he wanted to stop the Baskervilles from repeating the Sablier Tragedy. He fought, he threw his life away for his beliefs, and he kept on yearning.

“Not enough. This is not enough?”

What is not enough?

Hazy feelings, dizzy sights, what was his mind trying to tell him anyway?

And the next time Jack resurfaced, he remembered.

“Do you really think this body belongs to you, Oz-kun?”

“I’m… Oz, the B-Rabbit”

The desire to make friends, the urge to protect his loved ones, the unconditional affection for Alice, the yearning to be with her, as an equal human being.

So that he could become her real friend, to ease her sadness, to dry her tears and to nurture her happiness.

So that she wouln’t have to be sad, to cry again.

In the end, he was just a moving plush rabbit that yearned to become human.


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