[A:tlA][Those were the days]Visions

Title: Visions
Series: Those were the days
Author: Yu
Fandom: Avatar: the last Airbender
Genre: Family, Humour
Rating: T
Warnings: AU, OCs, Fannon ship (Zutara)
Disclaimer: Avatar: the last Airbender belongs to Bryke and Nickelodeons, I own nothing but a little plot and some adorable OCs
Summary: Katara’s predictions concerning her children were eerily correct.
AN: One day, I just fell in love with the series and a particular ship. Weeks later came the product of my shameless shipping under the form of this silly fanfic. This series consists of all my Headcanons, and “Visions” focuses on children of Zuko and Katara or more precisely two out of three children: Koda and Lu Ten, the princes.


1. Koda

Along with the third month came the morning sickness and the weird craving.

Somehow, his wife had come up with the crazy notion of how the child’s personality would be reflected by the mother’s craving. Maybe all the stress and hormones had gotten to her, he deducted, while half-heartedly listening to her rant, occasionally gave her a few nods in return. It was when his mind drifted towards the Western provinces’s economy reports stacked neatly upon his office desk that she went in for the kill.

“…and with all those seal jerky, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did turn out to be a Sokka…”

He choked on his tea.

“And don’t forget about the tea either, Uncle’s tea really is marvelous, I mean, but at the rate that I’m currently inhale it wouldn’t be possible to fall asleep, at all. Yet here I am, sleeping like a koala-bear in winter hiatus. The only person I know in the world with that kind of ability is your Uncle. Add to the fact that I have never been into tea to start with, it must be the baby becoming addicted to that stuff and gleefully taking advantages of his control over my diet to have his fill. Oh La helps us if he decided to take up Uncle’s fondness of proverbs too.”

Somehow he couldn’t stop coughing, his eyes blurred and his breath erratic. And if Toph was here there would be no doubt a sarcastic remark on how his heart was beating like a thousand miles per minutes and of course on how hysterical the entire situation seemed to be.

Not to mention his wife’s assessment.

His firstborn, to be another mini Sokka or Uncle, or worse the combination of both. He could feel the panic rising, and his wife just decided to rub that to his face.

“I wonder, how could someone be a combination of Sokka and Uncle? Can you imagine, Zuko, that one minute he could be doing some stupid Sokka’s style thingy and the next he turned all wise and knowing and started spouting proverbs and Air Nomad Zen philosophies while munching on seal jerky and sipping a hot cup of tea and sighed contendedly. Or he would firebend and using a boomerang as his secondary weapon” She scratched her chin and lost in thought as she pictured her son “That actually is kind of cool really. Oh Zuko, what did I tell you about no talking while having tea again?”

“I wasn’t talking” He replied between bouts of coughing. His breathing slowly recovered thanks to Katara’s expert patting “And please stop putting weird ideas into my head, I have more than enough on my plate to start worrying about my son’s future mental health. For Agni’s sake the world doesn’t need another version of your brother, or my Uncle, or both of them.”

He huffed with the utmost dignity and seriousness a Fire Lord could muster, while his wife just looked at him with an amused glint in her eyes and started giggling like a teenage girl.

“Oh you’re such so adorable sometimes” She said while ruffling his immaculately head “Especially when you’re pouting like this”

“Fire Lords do not pout” He protested “And your idea is crazy”

“We will see, darling, we will wait and see.”

In the end, the wife always has the final words.

He did not dare to meet her eyes, knowing the smug look in them and the untold “I told you so” hanging on her lips, after his eldest gleefully thrived under his uncle Sokka and his Grand-Poppop Iroh’s guidance. How on Earth could someone become a “perfect” combination between Sokka and Iroh Zuko could not fathom, and probably never will.


2. Lu Ten

Katara knew about him much sooner than she expected, just as the fifth week rolled around one morning and she just regconized his presence. It was like having a tiny ocean within her belly, with waves rising and falling at an even, soothing rhymn; maybe it was because of their shared element, the same type of chi circulated both his and her body, that formed such a tight-knitted bond. The child was so calm, so still, like the surface of a lazy lake on a sunny day; and that was exactly how she felt during the entire pregnancy. No matter what, she just coudn’t get worked up; the water seemed to absorbed all type of negative energy, leaving her mind in a daze of serene and bliss.

He was an easy child, no weird craving beside some cold dishes and a lot of icecream; the morning sickness just vanished without a trace, not that she neeeded it to find out about him in the first place. The only thing that bugged her, and her husband in accordance, was the moon insomnia. As firebenders rise with the sun, waterbenders are attuned to the moon; most couldn’t sleep in the presence of the full moon, how could they with all the energy poured into their body in every silvery ray. Adding the child’s restlessness into the equation and Katara found herself wandering the palace during the full moon; she would then sat beneath the sakura by the turtle-ducks pond, looking up at her former friend and had a chat.

Sometimes, she wondered about her second born; how would he turn out to be, how would he look, what will he look like and so on. Would he be as serene and calming as he was now, or would he slowly hardened like the ice and glaciers back home at the South Pole. Unlike the wild ride she had had with Koda, who was now a four over-enthusiastic and passionate toddler, his was like a lake with a still surface that hid the raging storm beneath. While her eldest took after his Water Tribe side of the family on both look and personality, her second one reminded her too much of her in-laws, of her own husband in his angst filled teenage years. Cold and distant, a calm demeanour that covers the turbulence all so well.

She disscussed this with her husband one day, and although he appeared to be nonchalant and started talking about her “nonsense hormones-induced ideas, just like with Koda”, Katara could see the flash of horror that passed through his golden orbs. Talking about his dysfunctional family never was a good idea, she sighed, hand rested slightly upon her troubled second born. He kicked gently, like water lapping at shores as if afraid of her discomfort yet had no other options beside making it as painless as possible.

A thought struck her randomly, with images of a little boy who can bend water; his skin pale, hair a shaggy black mop, body a little on a lean and skinny side. And then he turned his head towards her, a face that was nearly identical to her husband’s, save for the deep blue eyes that reflected her own. It was the moment her worry began to fade away.

“It would be funny you know, a mini-you with my attitude, lecturing his own brother for his antics and scowled at him for the following Zen and proverbs” She told him with a smile upon her lips “We would not even have to control our Crown Prince, since that would be his job”

“Just like you did with Sokka then” Her husband was still a bit unsettled from their previous talk

“Why of course, us waterbenders are far more mature and calm than you lot of fire”

“Said the person who stole from pirates”


Later he would told Sokka of Katara’s predictions, which the warrior now Chief took very seriously. The guy actually paled a little at the thought of a “mini Zuko with Katara’s nagginess, but don’t tell her I said that”, but then quickly caught wind of his brother in all but bloood’s lingering uneasiness.

“So you really afraid of him, for the lack of better description, would take up on the crazy bloodline of your side of the family”

The Fire Lord started to fidget.

“Because Katara said that he might become cold and distant, and somehow manage to hide his troubles under all that, until one day he would snap and …” Sokka trailed off, not wanting to tread onto that water. “But enlighten me Zuko, on why you decided to believe the first but not the second half of her predictions. Sorry buddy when I said I feel a little bit disappointed in you for still have not snap out of those idiotic thoughts, I thought we trained you pretty good all these years”


“Still, you do not think that Katara would let your son go down the crazy psychotic path, do you? Tui and La knows how posessive she is of her kids, not to mention her little waterbending prince that was the carbon copy of her “adorable and dorky husbando”.”

And would you, would you let your own son go down that path?

The Fire Lord looked up, his inner fire burning brightly behind his eyes.

“The hell I would”

Years later, he and his own Gaang would sat upon a balcony above the Play garden, amusement painted on their faces as they watched Lu Ten herded his own formation of “the Gaang” and his many cousins, hands folded on his chest and eyes glared at them.

“Just like Sugar Queen and Sparky at that age” Toph remarked, and they started to chuckle, fondly remembering the adventure of their teenage years.



2 thoughts on “[A:tlA][Those were the days]Visions

  1. So I’m here for a comment. First, what I want to say is that I envy youuuu TTvTT

    Okay, just kidding. Although I’m not familiar with the fandom, I like the plot and your writing here. In fact, despite I always write angsty tragic thingy, I’m more hooked on fluffy cuty sweety stuff like this. The family of Zutara is typically of a wife who nags all the time and a husband who cannot do anything but obeys his wife wholeheartedly. Just keep going, you should write more stuff in English you know >v<b.

    It's kinda' irrelevant but I want to say that we are both pathetic fangirls whose fandom lacks of fanfictions so much that we have to write and enjoy them on our own TTvTT

    • Thank you sweetheart for reading AND commenting ;___; I really appreciate it, really. And yes they are that type of couple, sadly people usually focus too much on the angst side and neglect the cute fluffy one. I will try to write more >v< for the sake of practicing and for my poor fangirl heart too 😥 Good fanfictions are hard to find these days.

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