[A:tlA][Those were the days]Visions

Title: Visions
Series: Those were the days
Author: Yu
Fandom: Avatar: the last Airbender
Genre: Family, Humour
Rating: T
Warnings: AU, OCs, Fannon ship (Zutara)
Disclaimer: Avatar: the last Airbender belongs to Bryke and Nickelodeons, I own nothing but a little plot and some adorable OCs
Summary: Katara’s predictions concerning her children were eerily correct.
AN: One day, I just fell in love with the series and a particular ship. Weeks later came the product of my shameless shipping under the form of this silly fanfic. This series consists of all my Headcanons, and “Visions” focuses on children of Zuko and Katara or more precisely two out of three children: Koda and Lu Ten, the princes.


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