[HPDGM][Spin-off]Imaginary World

Title: Imaginary World
Author: Yu
Genre: friendship, general
Warnings: Crossover, HP:EWE , Original Character
Rating: T
Theme song: Souzou Forest – JIN
Summary: Khởi đầu đơn giản của mối nhân duyên phức tạp


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[HP][Children Record]Introducing… – 1

Title: Introducing – Part 1
Series: Children Record – In another world
Author: Yu
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: Family, Humor
Rating: T
Warnings: AU, EWE?
Disclaimer: Nếu HP mà thuộc về bạn thì Dramione đã thành CANON. Tựa đề là thuộc về JIN với cả Kagerou PJ, bạn chỉ mượn để làm màu thôi~
AN:Fic viết trong lúc lên cơn, xin đừng để ý
Summary: Khái quát về một đám nhóc không bình thường của-một-thế-giới-khác, phần 1


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[HPDGM][Spin-off]Summer Time Record

Title: Summer Time Record
Author: Yu
Genre: general, friendship
Warnings: Crossover, HP:EWE, Original characters :3
Rating: T
Theme song: Summer Time Record – JIN
Note: tặng seme :3


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[HP][Drabbles challenge]Hollow


1.having a hole or empty space inside
2.curving inwards, sunken
3.(of sound) echoing, as if coming from a hollow place
4.no sincere, false

1.area that is lower than the surface around it

1.make a hole in sth by removing part of it

Hollow ==== Harry Potter

Throughout his first seventeen years of life, Harry Potter had seen many hollow things.

The emptiness, lack of honesty in his aunt and uncle’s words when they complimented their bussiness partners or some friends and neighbors.

“Your lawn is so nice! Pray tell me how you take care of it”

“It’s a pleasure meeting you and your family, Mr/Mrs (insert the name here) I hope that we can work together sometime in the future”

The Dursleys were cold and selfish, they only did things that benefited them and could easily discarded ones that was of no more use. Not only their words but their hearts were also hollow.

The Great War had affected people far worse than he had once thought. The everlasting tension in Number Twelve Grimmauld Place, the hushed voices echoing accross the small, unlit corridors, the death that hovered above everyone’s head; but nothing can impressed him as much as the hollow figure of his archrival, Draco Malfoy. Ever since their sixth year, Malfoy had changed, a lot; from a pompous, spoiled brat of a wealthy family to a quiet, strained and dark person. Harry never had the pleasure of seeing ferret boy’s worst state, mind you; however, he had printed the haunted look of his dull, empty silver orbs into his mind. Eyes of a desperate man that had no place to run and no way to escape.

“We have choices, but what about people that have none?”

Godric’s Hollow, the valley that was surrounded by high, steep wall of mountainous rock, the valley that resembled a hollow in the ground; there located his family house. Burned and kept in bad shape as no one dared to step into the place; maybe they were scared of the Dark Lord’s lurking shadow? “He is dead now, for real” though Harry as he stepped into the terrace. This hollow place of his house, this hole in his heart; he would definately fill these gaps with love and happiness.

After a war, there always are wounds to be healed and hollows to be filled.