[VTrans]Still (여전히 아늑해) – Kyuhyun

Title: Still (여전히 아늑해)
Artist: Kyuhyun
Album: The 3rd mini album – Waiting, Still
Translator: Yu Táo Xù
Note: Dựa trên bản dịch tiếng Anh tại đây.

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[EngTrans][Lyrics] Canta per me

Title: Canta per me
Composer: Yuki Kajiura (aka The Goddess)
English Translation: by me – Yu Táo Xù
Notes: This is a very loose translation of the song, as I am still a beginner in Italian and the original lyrics seemed a bit weird (plus it’s Yuki Kajiura). I changed some words for the sake of (my limited Italian), so if there is any problem please tell me, I really really appreciate it.


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[Rokka no Yuusha][Lyrics + V/Etrans]Secret Sky – MICHI

Title: Secret Sky
Lyrics: RUCCA
Composer: Hitoshi Fujima
Artist: MICHI
Album: MICHI Cry for the Truth/Secret Sky (Single)
Kanji + Romanji source: here
Translate by Yu the Apple
Note: My favorite anime of the season, not counting the fact that I love the lightnovel to death. The Maya/Inca settings is a bit weird at fist, because I have always envisioned it to be a Medieval Western one like all those fantasy series. The pace is a bit slow, and without the hook in the beginning of the novels I’m afraid many would drop this fantastic show. Well nevermind, the curtain had drawn, I am so gonna sit back and enjoy the battle of wit that is the first novel. And seriously what is with the new ending…. This was also my first attempt at translating the lyrics into English, if you find any mistakes please tell me, you have my thanks in advance.


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[VTrans]At Gwanghwamun – Kyuhyun

Title: At Gwanghwamun
Artist: Kyuhyun
Album: The 1st mini album – At Gwanghwamun
Translator: Yu
English translation can be found here
Note: Dịch vì yêu trai quá không biết phải làm sao nên đành ngồi dịch, mà vì không biết nửa chữ tiếng Hàn bẻ đôi (trừ tên nhóm + tên trai) nên đành dựa vào bản tiếng Anh đầu tiên có thể chộp được nên nội dung sẽ có phần sai lệch với bản gốc tiếng Hàn :v

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